Does Bodybuilding on Creatine count as Natural?

There are many different takes on what natural bodybuilding is. Some people say natural bodybuilding is with the absence of all supplements, and some say it’s anything but steroids.


I say natural bodybuilding is basically anything but steroids; however, I have nothing against steroid users, for a few reasons:

1. It’s a free world
2. Most of them bust their asses in the gym (it’s not like they sit on the couch all day eating pizza, setting down their milkshake to inject the drug before nap time)

What I hate more than anything in the world is when I’m on creatine and my friends say I’m only big because of creatine. It happens all the time. As if my arms would turn into wet noodles when the phase is over. It can be a month or two of me being off creatine and these crazy people will still pull that card out on me.

Because of the lack of knowledge people have on creatine, I have decided to write a brief post spilling some details on it.

Before this brief post, I will first say that creatine alone will not make it easier for you to become big man on campus. It requires just as much gym effort if not more.

Creatine is one of the most explosive legal supplements on the market. It has been used by professional athletes and bodybuilders since the early 90’s. It is something that our bodies naturally produce, and it helps bump an extra few reps at the gym.

Creatine is basically a substance that brings water into your muscle cells allowing you to have fast recovery. You generally gain 2 to 4 pounds of water weight, and anything after that is more than likely muscle mass. Because you have this advantage of protein synthesis, you can bust out more reps and lift heavier weights. This increase in strength leads to an increase in muscle mass that you will retain after the phase.

I find it to be a natural supplement because

1. It’s a legal, non-addictive drug that will not lead to beating women
2. It’s something the body naturally produces
3. At least 75% of the gains are retained when off the substance
4. It is a convenient way to beat a plateau

This was just my short spiel on the supplement. I actually wrote this post because it is almost time for Big Jack to phase into creatine again.  If you want some more information on creatine check out this useful article from Men’s Health:


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